When is a Nursing Facility the Appropriate Care Option? 

Anyone who is in need of 24 hour care might benefit from the services of a nursing facility. If you think that you or a loved one might need a higher level of care, contact us to learn more about the care we offer. 

When Are the Visiting Hours? 

Visiting hours are open. We want you to see your family member as often as possible. Our only request is that you be considerate of other residents in the facility when visiting your relative. If you visit late in the evening or early in the morning, please use public places to avoid disturbing a sleeping hall-mate. Visitors are required to sign in on each visit. A visitor’s log is maintained at the nurse’s station. 

May We Bring Personal Furnishings and Linen? 

Each resident is welcome to use some personal furnishings, provided space is available and the furnishings do not infringe upon the rights, health, or safety of other residents. A bed of proper size and height with a clean, comfortable mattress is provided, as well as clean bed linens. Residents are allowed to bring their own linens (sheets, bedspread, comforter, pillows, etc.); however, each item must be marked with the resident’s name and must meet fire safety regulations. Bath linens for personal use may be obtained through the resident’s nursing assistant. 

May We Bring Our Family Member Home for Visits? 

Yes! We encourage residents to remain as active as possible by visiting with family and friends. All you have to do is sign out at the nursing station before leaving and sign in when you return. Residents with skilled services must be screened before leaving for visits outside of the facility. 

What Must I Consider When Choosing a Pharmacy? 

You are welcome to choose your own pharmacy; however, please keep in mind that all medications entering the facility for residents must be carded and bubble packed to meet the distribution guidelines of the facility. Not all pharmacies are equipped or willing to provide this service. Ask the Admissions Coordinator for pharmacy guidelines and the names of pharmacies that do provide this service. 

Who Pays for Medication and Medical Equipment?

The cost of medication is not included in the room rate. Private paying individuals will continue to pay for medications in the same manner as they did prior to entering the nursing center (either through private funding or medical insurance). Medicaid generally pays for most medication; however, there may be some miscellaneous medication charges that Medicaid will not cover. Medically necessary equipment, like wheelchairs, are generally purchased or leased at the resident’s expense; however, Medicare and/or Medicaid do provide assistance in some instances. Ask our Social Services Director for more information.